how do you conserve

Without regular rain, we are experiencing drier than normal conditions. You can do your part to conserve. Stop by the U.C. to get a free red water saver bucket (while supplies last).

Hurricane season is upon us, and we are ready to help you prepare. Your May bill insert has important utility service storm preparation information. Watch for key messages from the U.C. on our Facebook page, @UCNSB.

free trees 2017

FREE trees available through a UCNSB sponsored partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and the Florida Forest Service. Go to to have yours mailed to your home. The trees available though this program include: Yaupon Holly, Bald Cypress, Eastern Redbud, Red Maple, and Sweetbay Magnolia.  


Want to save water? We want you to too! 
Customers can come into our main office building at 200 Canal Street for free low flow showerheads, faucet aerators, sprinkler timers and cold water saver buckets (while supplies last!). Conserve and save our precious natural resources and YOUR hard-earned money!

Click here for our updated Rates, Charges and Fees.

Notice Regarding Change in Disinfectants: To continue our commitment to high water quality and to adhere to industry best practice standards, UCNSB will temporarily modify our disinfection process used to treat our drinking water. 

Beginning Monday, May 1 for an approximate  six-week  period, we will use chlorine instead of a chloramine residual in our treatment process. This process will allow us to maintain high water quality in all service areas and to continue to meet water quality requirements  for all regulatory agencies.

During this treatment period, the water will continue to be of the highest quality and safe to drink. However, with a change in the disinfectant, some customers may notice a slight change in the smell or taste of the water. If you are especially  sensitive  to   the   taste or smell of chlorine, keep an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator for a few hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate.

Customers on dialysis are advised to contact their physician to obtain the appropriate steps to accommodate the change in water treatment.

Customers who have fish tanks or aquatic species are advised to contact a professional aquarist to avoid any problems associated with chlorine.

This process is expected to be completed by Monday, June 12, at which time we  will  resume using chloramines. If you have any questions regarding the change, please call the Water Quality Hotline at 386-424-3184.



Don't wait for the heat of summer to start before you learn how to lower your utility bills. Get an energy and water audit now so you can be cooler faster and for less money! Energy Auditor Stan DiBello will visit your home or small business to analyse what changes may need to be made. The audit takes about an hour and a half, and some improvements may be eligible for an energy conservation rebate. Click here to learn more.