About Us

The Utilities Commission, City of New Smyrna Beach, (UCNSB) provides electric, water, wastewater, and reuse water in the greater New Smyrna Beach area. We have approximately 26,000 electric customers, 25,000 water customers, 20,000 wastewater customers, and 1,400 reuse water customers.

The Utilities Commission is funded solely through utility revenues and is not a taxing authority. The proposed FY 2016 budget is $63.9 million. There are approximately 160 full-time and contract employees (155 employees plus 5 U.C. Commissioners) directed by a General Manager/CEO, William R. Mitchum, who is selected under contract by the Utilities Commission.

The Utilities Commission began in 1965 and was later created as a non-taxing, political subdivision of the State of Florida, created by Special Legislative Act, Public Law 67-1754, and as amended by Public Law 85-503. 

The Utilities Commission is not a department of the City of New Smyrna Beach.  Many cities have water resources as a department and some cities include electric services, and only a few public electric utilities have bifurcated governance or are separate from the municipality. It should also be noted that the Utilities Commission serves some customers outside the City of New Smyrna Beach (in adjacent Volusia County areas).


In accordance with the amended special legislative act the City Commission has specific oversight; i.e., approval of the Utilities Commission’s annual budget (O&M only), approval of contracts over four years in length, and appointment of the Utilities Commissioners by the City Commission.



For questions or to report problems: 386-427-1361