Archived Studies and Presentations

FY 2015/2016 Strategic Initiatives and 2015 Strategic and Objective Accomplishments
FY 2014/2015 Strategic Initiatives and 2014 Strategic & Objective Accomplishments 
FY 2014 Strategic Initiatives

2013 Strategic & Objective Accomplishments
UCNSB Debt Profile Presentation 01-28-13

Triennial Report FY 2011-2013-(pdf)

Infrastructure Fee Provision of the Developer Agreement

Legal Foundation for Infrastructure Fee Provision of Developer Agreement 2-6-12

UC Policy Direction Leadership Results Listing 9-2012

FY 2013 Strategic Initiatives/ 2012 Strategic Objectives & Accomplishments

FY 2012 Strategic Initiatives/ 2011 Strategic Objectives & Accomplishments

Internal Generation for Power Supply and Generation Strategy Plan 2011

Existing Generation Equipment Assessment 2011

Strategic Initiatives 2010

U.C. Structure, Financing, Policies and Costs for Development 11-9-10

U.C. Resolution Nos. 5-07 and 11-06 

FY2015 Draft annual Update Infrastructure Projects -Year 9 of 10 Yr. Program

How Your Local Utility Stacks Up - 10-2009

Triennial Report FY 2008-2010

Distribution System Operations for Water Quality Maintenance Program - Update 2008

Future Projects Map 11-25-2008

Water-Wise Landscaping Presentation 7-23-07

UC Joint Workshops (for City of NSB) - Reference Information 

Securing Our Resources Presentation 1-18-07

Water-Wise and Energy-Wise Presentation 1-16-07

Generation Presentation 1-11-07

Joint Meeting Outline 1-11-07

Generation Workshop Reference Information Cover Letter

Water Harvesting - Missimer Groundwater Science Inc. 9-18-06

Water Presentation 7-17-06

Infrastructure Discussion Presentation 06-19-06

U.C. Water Perspectives Presentation 5-22-06 

Water Study Part 2 Presentation 03-20-06

Rate Study Presentation 03-20-06

Jt. Public Hearing 5-Year CIP* and Overview Presentation 03-13-06 
(*in accordance with City Ord. #19-05)

System Plans & Studies

Electric System Planning Study

Water Master Plan
Water System Report
Water System Report Part 2
Existing Network Components Figure 3.2
Proposed Projects Figure 3.5

Wastewater & Reclaimed Water System Facility Plan 
(Part 1) (Part 2(Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)