High demand + Low rainfall = Low reuse supply

Reuse Customers –

The Winter months are historically our lowest rainfall periods of the year. Lower temperatures mean less evaporation of surface waters, which is what produces clouds and associated precipitation.

Fortunately, this corresponds with grass and other plants requiring much less watering, because they go into a semi-dormant state. People who usually mow they lawns every week may notice it only needs cutting every three weeks, for instance.

With that said, we are encouraging our reuse customers to look at their normal irrigation settings and consider reducing the duration of cycles to what is needed only.

The browning they may be noticing is usually from frost burn, and that is normal for this time of year in Central Florida.

Overwatering on the other hand can encourage weeds to grow, as well as mold / fungus that can attack the roots of plant that are not using this water to grow as in the warmermonths.

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