Post Irma Update #12

As Day 3 dawns, please join us in welcoming 19 electric lineworkers from Middleton, Massachusetts! They arrived in town about 2 a.m. and ready to help us restore your service! We are expecting our friends from Edmond, Oklahoma today, too, around lunchtime. Please give these line crews a big NSB thank you!

All our main feeders are up and energized, with the exception of Line 14 that serves South Beach (south of Hiles Blvd). We have our Electric Operations Director leading that team there now to restore power. All lines were on the ground so it has taken a little more to get it restored.

Some of the heavily-treed areas, such as Jane Lacey Lane and Scarlett Trail, have extensive line damage. The Davey Tree crews are going in first to clear the lines, followed closely behind by our lineman crews. We are well aware of the areas that need addressing, so please have patience.

Our goal is still 100% restoration by the end of the day, if your home can receive power. There may be damage to your weatherhead that requires an electrician to repair before we can restore electric service to you. Crews will leave a doorhanger at your location if this is the situation at your home or business.



For questions or to report problems: 386-427-1361