I am dependent on electric-powered medical equipment. What happens if the power goes out?

Customers who are medically dependent on electric-powered equipment and require non-interruption of electrical service to prevent immediate loss-of-life or hospitalization can request registration with the UC to ensure notification in the event of service disconnection due to non-payment of a bill, or of a scheduled outage for repairs or upgrading of service. 

The registration and certification DOES NOT guarantee uninterrupted service. Our crews put forth their utmost effort to maintain our equipment in good working order, but the UC cannot promise 100% uninterrupted service. Other events, including severe weather, failure of equipment, or outside elements causing damage to equipment may cause un-avoidable interruptions of service. We strongly recommend you have a back-up system available, such as a home generator, to provide electric current for the medically-essential equipment, or a place to go in the event of an extended outage. 

The registration and certification will be effective for one year from the date it is received in the UC office. Re-certification by your physican will be necessary on an annual basis. If you move, you must contact the UC to let us know your new address. 

The form is available here or by calling the Electric Operations Department at (386) 424-3169.