What is Reuse Water?

How can I use it?

Reuse water is domestic wastewater which has been treated and disinfected to a high degree such that it can be safely used to irrigate golf courses and residential landscapes. Utilizing reuse water conserve drinking water supplies and reduces discharge of domestic wastewater to surface waters. Although reuse water meets most of the drinking water standards and is safe for human contact, it is not intended for use as drinking water. The UC's policy is that reuse water can be utilized for irrigation purposes only, and only with approved underground system that has an in-line control valve. No hose bibs are allowed with this service. Reuse water is permitted for use on lawn and landcaped areas but not for items such as: human consumption, washing vehicles, and/or animals, and filling pools and/or tubs, and watering a few certain edible vegetables and/or fruits. In addition, no interconnections with another water source are allowed, not are connections to water-cooled air conditioners, or in-house plumbing systems. Reuse cannot be shared with a neighbor or used with an above ground spigot connection. 

Please keep these considerations in mind when using reuse so that no problems arise. If you hva any questions, please call the Water Resources Department Information Line at 386-424-3184.