Public Participation Form

This public comment form will be available for use to submit questions/comments for the 3 pm May 26, 2020 Regular Commission meeting until 8:30 am on May 26.

The 3 pm meeting will be available on Facebook, or through the Webex link provided on the agenda. Webex allows participants to call in on the phone or join online.

There are two ways to engage in Public Participation. If you wish to comment and are using Webex online, please submit the form below prior to 8:30 am on the day of the meeting. Some of the form fields are required for acceptance of your submission as shown on the form. These comments will be distributed to the U.C. Commissioners and U.C. Administration, and will be included in the public record.

If you are calling in via the Webex US toll phone number, and would like to comment, you will be recognized by the moderator during Public Participation.