Energy and Water Audit Application


You sign up. We come over. You save.

For more information on the benefits of a home energy and/or water audit or to learn more about what happens during an audit, click here to access our Home Energy Audit brochure.

Our free in-home energy and water assessment is designed to help you learn how your home or small business uses energy and water and how you can save on your monthly bills. Our expert, Stan DiBello, will check your home or business for air leaks, examine your insulation levels, check your appliances and more.

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Agreement for Audit

I am requesting a free energy and water audit. I understand I will be contacted by the UC energy auditor Stan DiBello to schedule my audit after returning this signed form. I understand the audit will take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I need to be present during the audit. I know there will be a $35 noshow fee on my next Utilities Commission bill if I am not present at the time I have scheduled to meet Mr. DiBello. I understand there is a limit of one free energy audit per calendar year per service address.


Please have a copy of your Utilities Commission bill on hand at the time of the audit for the UC’s certified Energy Auditor, Stan DiBello, to review with you. Call 386-427-1361 if you need to request a copy of your latest bill. Mr. DiBello will call you to schedule an appointment for this audit. Be sure to check for official UCNSB identification when he arrives.