Load Management Sign-up, Service Request, & Guidelines


Load Management is a method of controlling the demand of power within our electric system. By reducing the elevated electrical demands during only a few peak hours a day, you can help postpone the need for new power plants in Florida. In order to prevent this, we ask all our customers to help us by signing up for the Load Management Program. When you sign up for this program, you allow us to install a load management receiver on your major electric appliances, namely the central air/heat unit, and the water heater. This is a radio controlled unit which enables us to shut off your appliances for a few minutes during certain time intervals. Most people do not even notice that load management is in use. In exchange, we credit your electric bill for up to $7.50 per month, or $90 per year.


This program is offered to any residential UC customer who uses our electric for their central air conditioner and/or their water heater. In order to receive a full credit of $3 on your hot water heater and $2.25 each on your central air and heating systems, you must use at least 500 kWh per month. You will receive a prorated credit if you use less than 500 kWh. Your monthly usage can be found on your electric bill.

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The Utilities Commission or its contractor shall be allowed reasonable access to the customer’s premises to install, test and remove load management devices on the electrical equipment specified.

  • Prior to the installation of load management devices, the Utilities Commission may inspect the customer’s electrical equipment to ensure good repair and working condition, but the Utilities Commission shall not be responsible for the repair or maintenance of the electrical equipment.
  • The Utilities Commission shall not be required to install load management devices on electrical equipment which would not be economically justified for reasons such as excessive installation costs, oversized heating or cooling equipment, or abnormal utilization of equipment, including vacation or other limited occupancy residences.
  • Multiple units of any electrical equipment specified above must be installed with load management devices to qualify for the credit attributable to that equipment.
  • Billing under this rate schedule will commence with the first complete billing period following installation of the load management device. A customer may change the selection of the electrical equipment installed with load management devices or transfer to another rate schedule by notifying the Utilities Commission 45 days in advance.
  • The limitations on equipment interruptions shall not apply during capacity emergencies on the Utilities Commission’s system.
  • If the Utilities Commission determines that the load management devices have been tampered with, the Utilities Commission may discontinue service under this rate schedule and bill for all prior load management credits received by the customer, unless an earlier tampering date can be established, plus applicable charges.
  • If the Utilities Commission determines that the effect of equipment interruptions have been offset by the customer’s use of supplementary or alternative electrical equipment, service under this rate schedule may be discontinued and the
    customer billed for all prior load management credit received over a period of 12 months.
  • No load management devices will be installed in attics or under homes where the device and air handler or water heater are not in full view of or accessible to the customer.

Agreement:I am requesting the installation or service on load management device(s) in my home. I understand I will be contacted within two weeks of submitting this form to schedule my installation/service call. I understand that I need to be present during the installation/service call. I know there will be a $35 no-show fee on my next Utilities Commission bill if I am not at home at the time I have scheduled to meet the UC contractor. I understand the UC or its contractor shall be allowed reasonable access to my premises to install, test and/or remove load management devices on the electrical equipment specified. I have read and agree to abide by the policies of the load management program.