Public Records and Public Meetings

Because the UC is a municipal utility, we are bound by Florida's open records laws (FL Statute 119). With the exception of Social Security and bank account numbers and other exemptions allowed for by state statute, our records are open for inspection and/or copying by the public. 

The State of Florida has created some exemptions to this law to protect citizens whose jobs or whose parents'/spouses' jobs may create a personal security issue. Some examples include current and former police officers, judges, US District Attorneys, state attorneys, probation officers, and juvenile justice workers.

Please let us know if an exemption pertains to you by filling out the form here. 

Florida law also requires government agencies in the state to provide public access to meetings and records of those meetings (Government in the Sunshine Law Chapter 286, F.S.). Regular Utilities Commission meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month, at 3 pm in the 3rd floor DeBerry Room at 200 Canal Street. Meeting notices and agendas can be found on this website under the Commission tab. The Utilities Commission's notices of regular meetings are currently being published in the Volusia edition of the Orlando Sentinel, in the Sunday edition a week prior to the Monday evening meetings.

Public Records:
Debra Simmons
Executive Administrator
Phone: (386) 424-3001

Ellen Fisher
Community Relations Coordinator, Records Management Liasion Officer
Phone: (386) 424-3003