Transparency For Integrity

In continued efforts by the Utilities Commission regarding transparency and enhancing communications to our customers, posted periodically on this web page will be some of the emails forwarded to the Utilities Commissioners from the U.C.’s CEO/General Manager and UC Legal Counsel. 

It is hoped these emails will provide insight and understanding to our customers regarding the operations of your local utility, as well as staff’s efforts in providing you with your quality electric, water, and wastewater services. 

For public meeting information, please review our “Commission – Agenda & Minutes” page for our agendas, minutes, and results of our Commission meetings. 

For additional business documentation, please check out our “Finance Department’s” page for our annual audit and budget documents and our “Studies and Presentations” page for our utility system studies and associated presentations, and also details regarding our strategic initiatives and annual accomplishments. 

For an understanding of our legal formation and structure, please refer to the information to the left and also to the “Resolutions” page. 

Thank you for your interest in your local, public utility service provider.  

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